Having a baby takes a toll on your body. Finding the time to engage in self-care while also restoring functionality in your pelvic floor, alleviating pain in your back, and finding community sounds good on paper but is difficult when you are a busy new mom. Thankfully, we offer two classes that are perfect to add to your routine.


Postnatal/Baby Yoga


This baby and me class is perfect for sharing and modeling yoga with your infant and toddler while using dynamic movement that re-stabilizes your entire body, alleviates tension and pain, and engages your mind and body for optimal postural awareness. Bond with your baby and tot as we play and interact with them through music, stories, and games while simultaneously relieving the stress of new parenthood. But it’s more than just a class, or something to do-it’s where you’ll find your new BFFs and share the joys (and not-so-joys) of new parenthood!


Pelvic Floor+Core

One-on-One Sessions

This focused six-class personalized series utilizes techniques week-by-week to identify the pelvic floor and core. Learn to move and breathe with greater awareness and intention in your daily life to reduce stress on this weakened musculature, correct the results of poor alignment and reduced functionality, and rehab your entire body and mind after pregnancy. Using exercises that integrate the entire body with the use of yoga balls, blocks, and bolsters, this class strengthens and protects your back, pelvic floor, and everything in-between. Babies are welcome.