A place to connect, unwind, and create memories


Grow Family was born to help families of all shapes, sizes, and statures find their full potential through the connective power of our breath, our relationships, and our experiences. From seed to sap, we walk alongside you as you journey your way through life with a mission to thrive and to grow in happiness and health.

Here, dance to silly songs and perfect your tree pose with your child. Or, dust off the day’s battle scars with your best friend as you breathe together. Or, restore your spirit on your bolster while practicing much-needed self care so you can reenter the world rejuvenated and awakened. Bond with your baby while in boat pose and relax with your partner in savasana. Befriend other parents knowing that your little ones can have an amazing play date with no judgement and learn the ropes of one of the biggest life events in our birth and parenting classes. Prepare your soul with prenatal yoga and restore your strength in our postnatal classes.

Take comfort in our come as you are approach. Trust your intuition and be empowered in every class knowing that you can practice how you please, intimately aware of your uniqueness in body and mind and how that shapes your practice. Here, you’ll be honored and respected, and your practice will evolve to provide clarity when needed most.

Our values

We value PERFECTion. While actual perfection is a lofty and somewhat subjective goal, our values do fit into this neat little acronym!

P Professional & Personal. We promise to always behave professionally, yet retain warmth by being ourselves and attending to your personal needs. You’ll be greeted by name every time you walk through the door.

E Equality. We promise to always fight for and uphold equality because it is right and just. Most of all, we care about you. ALL are welcome and embraced.

R Respect. We promise to respect you and your family, therefore, your privacy and choices will be supported.

F Fun. We promise to inject fun into your day rather than bog you down with the mundane.

E Enthusiasm. We promise to arrive at every shift and class with enthusiasm since it’s foundation for fun.

C Compassion. We promise to always provide compassionate care to every family and person so you feel welcome and understood.

T Transparency. We promise to operate with complete transparency and openness because honesty is the best policy.


Our Mission

To help overtired, stressed-out folks learn to chill and relieve their aches and pains so that they have more energy to connect joyfully with their families and enjoy their free time without feeling guilty!