There are plenty of kid’s classes in Jacksonville thanks to Grow Family!

In addition to yoga and birth/parenting classes, we have other super-fun classes perfect for little kids, homeschooling children, and those families who love to spend time together moving and learning!

If you are looking for additional workshops and classes, you have come to the right place. We have wonderful pop-up classes such as our very own
“Grow with Me” class which blends music, art, yoga, and STEAM concepts. All classes and special events are a chance for you and your child to grow together!

Be sure to check the schedule!

“Grow with Me”: Budding Visionaries-Art, science, oh my! In this class, we explore the world around us and create something new.  Perfect for kids 3-12, exploration is the name of the game.  We discover a scientific topic at hand by using what’s available to us by collaborating and finishing up with a relevant art project. Because STEM is an important component of learning, we feel this class is a perfect one for your child!