Answers to (hopefully) ALL Your Questions

  • Are prices per individual or per family?

    Prices are per family! This includes two adults and all children in one residence.

  • How do I save my spot for class?

    Sign up by going here or here. You can also text us at (904) 310-4190.

  • When does the 10 class pass expire?

    You have 60 days to use all classes on this pass. You can transfer to a friend, but email us first.

  • What happens when my “New Student Special” expires?

    You have the option of paying drop-in prices, but your best deal, financially and emotionally, is to become a member! Members are royalty here. You’ll get an email notifying you of your pass expiration date with the option to join our family, on the official. Can’t wait? Start now!

  • Are refunds given for classes not attended?

    No, no refunds are given for classes not attended or passes not being used. We understand emergencies happen or things in life kind of go wonky. Members can pause their memberships if necessary.

  • What time should I arrive for class?

    Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before class begins, nor 5 minutes after class begins. You can see our policies here.

  • Where are you located?

    We are located in Avondale in the St. John’s Shopping Plaza right next to Harp’s, formerly Harpoon Louie’s. We are back in the alcove. It is on the corner of Herschel and Woodmere.

  • Do I need to bring my own mat?

    We have mats!

  • I have physical limitations-is yoga ok for me?

    Our classes are gentle, focused on relaxation, and inclusiveness to all bodies. We provide plenty of modifications and inspire you to listen and honor your body’s voice at all times. That said, always check with your care provider if you have considerations and concerns.

  • I’ve never done yoga before…

    That’s perfect! You don’t need to have done yoga to start nor enjoy our classes. We welcome you with open arms.

  • How often should I practice?

    Busy lives are our reality, but to get the full benefit of a yoga practice, you really gotta be consistent. Use it or lose it. And it ain’t just flexibility-we are talking about a more important art and skill. The ability to calm down and live a happier life. With that, committing to twice a week is a sweet spot. But since we offer multiple classes, you can (and should) come to a class or two for you, one with your family, and one for your little one or teen. Your entire family will reap the benefits!

  • Can I invite friends?

    Yes! Yes you should! Friends are awesome and sharing yoga with them is even more awesome.