Classes for everyone in the family! This a general guide of what we offer.

Flow+Grow (Gentle Hatha)-A yoga class for everyBODY. Beginners and seasoned practitioners are welcome. Integrating breathwork, meditation, and poses, this class is perfect to add to your weekly self-care routine. This class is moderately paced with flowing movement to increase flexibility and stamina and decrease anxiety and the effects of sedentary habits.

Root+Restore (Restorative)-A gentle, slow-paced class reminiscent of a great nap. Blocks, bolsters, and blankets will support you in each pose as you enjoy a rejuvenating rest period, stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system. Each pose is “held” for a number of minutes to allow for stillness in the body and mind. Great for those who have high-stress jobs, demanding kiddos (don’t we all!), or who have chronic pain.

Blossom & Bloom (Prenatal Yoga)-An amazing class to connect with your transforming body, your baby, and other parents-to-be, prenatal yoga also relieves the aches and pains that accompany pregnancy. In addition to reducing stress, prenatal yoga builds the strength and endurance necessary for birth and parenting. Enjoy snacks and support after each class. Check the schedule for days/times.

Little Sprouts (Kid’s Yoga)-The class for the rambunctious kiddo in your life. In Little Sprouts, your little one will learn cool poses, play games, breathe, and most of all, gain skills to help them handle their big emotions and become more balanced. Through yogic teachings, kids yoga also helps develop character and resilience. No sitting still required! Ages 2-12.

Baby Sprouts (Baby and Me)-For the littlest of them all, this class is perfect for your baby and you! Together, you’ll move, breathe, and connect. It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy an activity together that focuses on building your bond through music, nursery rhymes, and play. You’ll become more in sync with your baby’s/toddler’s cues and needs while getting to know other parents. Ages 6 weeks-2.

Teen Yoga-Teens need positive outlets and yoga, through more than the poses, but through its philosophical teachings on ethics, compassion, and self-reflection is the perfect lifelong practice. Teens will practice challenging poses to build confidence, will partner up to develop healthy friendships, and will become more self-aware through meditation and mindfulness practices.

Mommy and Me Belly Dance-a fun, high-energy, and unique class that moms and littles can do together!

Are you interested in a yoga class but don’t see a time that is perfect for you? Small group classes are great! Contact us today to create your own custom-made class at your place or ours.