Why Are Families So Stressed Out?

Wake up, throw a load of laundry in, cook breakfast, pack backpacks, get dressed, drop kids off, get to work…whew! I am already exhausted and I’ve only listed a few things that takes up our morning. I haven’t even gotten to the afternoon, evening, and night routine. And…I left stuff out!

You are probably just as busy, if not busier than above. And it shows. You haven’t had a physical this year. Your well-intentioned curated meal plans fell by the wayside back in February, and the house…let’s not even go there.

More importantly, this busy lifestyle makes it hard to sleep because your brain just won’t stop. You’re worried about the kids, work, and everything in between and you have noticed that this constant worry and lack of quality sleep is translating to no patience, frustration, and chaos. Chaos everywhere. In your mind, in your home, and in your body.

You are being crushed by the weight of your responsibilities and the feeling of inferiority of failing your family, for whom the weight of infinite love is even heavier. And there seems to be no end to this dissolution of order. It’s all too much. The guilt, dark and impenetrable, becomes the perfect breeding ground for stress.

This is the modern parent’s dilemma. This is why families are so stressed. Because parents, without support and without resources that foster quality connection, pass on their stress. It’s a cycle that seems impossible to break.

But it can be broken! All it takes is a time-in. A few moments to come together with no expectations or tasks. A minute to share in unabashed and innocent joy. A moment unplugged. Time affixed with the walls of your boundaries to obscure the barrage of the world’s demands.

This itself can be a cause of stress, but with compassion for yourself and a little prioritization, notice how quickly you begin filling this crucial time with your family with memories and experiences that are unmatched. The stress and chaos transforms into calm and peace. You and your family transform.

We’d be honored to walk alongside this transformation with you.

With kindness,

Heather (aka a fellow mama in the trenches)