What is our Root+Restore Class?

We like fun names. We can’t help it! But we do get asked quite a bit what our Root+Restore class actually is (as well as our Flow+Grow, but we’ll get to that in a later post). After our students take these classes though, they always agree that they are aptly named. So what is it? Rather than describe it, we’ll address the purpose, intended audience, and results :)

Root+Restore’s purpose:

The purpose of this class is to encourage the body and mind to fully relax, to relieve tension, and to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. We do this by beginning with gentle seated movement that creates more mobility in the joints and muscles. This is our rooting. Our tapping into the rhythms and waves. The majority of the class is restorative though. We get comfy with bolsters, blocks, and blankets and trust their support so that we can melt, allowing them to place us in shapes that slightly stretch us while we sit. In the quiet. Appreciating the pure stillness. The purpose is to restore, rejuvenate, and become not only comfortable with silence in the mind and stillness in the body, but to embrace it.

Root+Restore’s intended audience:

This class is perfect for anyone who is inundated with Google reminders, task lists and bullet journals, and for those who carry responsibilities and the weight of chronic illnesses. The go-getters who can’t sleep because they can’t turn their minds off and the grandma who loves the moment of pure bliss created only by quiet.

Your results:

While I am not a fan of quantifying yoga, there are some amazing perceptible changes that happen with a sustained practice of yoga, but especially restorative varieties. You’ll notice less cramps and tension in your body pretty immediately. In the long-run, you’ll notice a reluctance to be reactive and instead measured. You cultivate a calmness and comfort with slow and silent, rather than an unease. You sleep better, notice clearer thinking, and your relationships improving. You feel refreshed to hike those responsibilities back onto your shoulders because you’ve got restored confidence. You literally shed the stress for just an hour and it just feels great!

But don’t take my word for it, come experience this for yourself!

In wellness,