Birthday Themes are Here


We have offered yoga birthday parties in Jacksonville for the last three years, but now that we have a storefront, we are excited to now offer themes for your child’s (or your’s!) birthday party. These themes are fun, quirky, and ensure that the birthday boy/girl remembers their special day. Without further ado, here are the amazing themes.

“Superhero Training”

Become a yoga hero! Our superhero birthday party will include the usual hour of yoga fun, but with a heroic twist. Poses, a craft, and activities let your little Supergirl or Iron Man live like their favorite hero for a day. Kids come dressed as their favorite superhero and we play our signature games, “Masked Yoga Heroes” and “Yoga Senses”. We’ll read about what it means to be a superhero and we’ll finish up with a craft-our own masks to wear! 

“Woodland Wonderland”

Adventure in the forest with cuddly squirrel and bird friends! Our woodland party includes an hour of yoga in a majestic woodland. Poses, a craft, and activities inspire your little yogi. Kids bring their favorite stuffed animal and we’ll read “This Moose Belongs to Me”. We’ll also play a game to see life from the perspective of a woodland creature and finish up with a craft-popsicle owl puppets!

“Garden Party”

For princesses and gentlemen alike, our garden party is sure to delight. This theme includes an hour of yoga at a distinguished party. Poses, a craft, and activities are as posh as can be. Kids come dressed at their fanciest! We’ll play “Musical Mats” and have a Hibiscus High Tea while reading “Tea Party Rules”. Lastly, we’ll make a craft-painting mini terra cotta pots and start a seed!


“Dinosaur Jam”

This gargantuan yoga birthday theme is sure to delight any dinophile! This theme includes a colossal hour of yoga! Poses, a craft, and activities with a Jurassic spin are perfect for this jam. Every child will get a special dinosaur at the start of the party to be their best bud! We’ll play “Dino Dance” and read “How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?”. We’ll finish with dinorific craft-a dinosaur footprint painting!

“Friends Forever”

What fun would birthdays be without friends? Our “Friends Forever” theme is an hour of yoga with cool poses, games, and activities. We’ll create a story about the birthday kid, make a magic listening wand each and all contribute to one for the special kiddo, and play a hilarious game. We’ll dress up in boas, hats, and glasses to dance to the “Yogi Shake” under a disco light and then we’ll finish with a bonding closing circle that will make your kiddo feel super special! This is our signature party and one that is most commonly requested. 

WOW! Our themes are amazing. All preset themes include decor and personal evites as well. In addition, we will supply the treat bags with candy! All birthdays are two hours long with an additional thirty minutes for set-up/break down for up to twelve kids. All you have to do is bring the gifts and food. Enjoy our space, the unique experience, and the convenience of a yoga birthday party.

P.S. Adults can have a yoga birthday too! Contact us!