Best Diapers? 3 Things to Consider


A question that I hear or see at least once a week is "What are the best diapers? Are Huggies the best? What about Pampers?" The truth is that there are plenty of awesome disposable diaper brands out there and what you will end up liking and using is completely personal preference. Some things to consider however, is how much the diaper absorbs, how it fits, how much it costs and how easy is it to get.

Absorption and Fit

So the first consideration is the diaper's absorption and fit. You'll want to try different brands. All of them vary in their levels of how much they can hold and how they fit your baby. It will also depend on the age and developmental stage of your baby. Newborns don't fill their diapers to capacity as quickly as toddlers. In addition, newborns tend to have a flat booty which makes blowouts more common! These things matter when choosing the perfect one. Brand-wise, I have noticed that Huggies are great for crawlers because the gussets make a better seal around the leg, while Pampers are great for newbies because they have heavy cushioning making them oh so soft. Some people really like Luv's for chunky babes.  And yet some parents adore store brands, like Target's Up & Up (raises hand).


Obviously, pricing is a major factor in what diapers parents choose. After the first year, many families spend upwards of $1000 on diapers! While Pampers and Huggies aren't expensive per se (they are needed after all!), there are cheaper alternatives out there. Again, Target's brand is affordable and very similar to Huggies with cute little polka dots. Other options include Walgreens' and Walmart's store brand. Many parents have reported that these diapers are okie-doke and are more affordable. Specialty diapers are almost always going to set you back unfortunately; however, check local resale sites for unopened boxes at a discount. If you are a Pampers kind of person, make sure that you are taking advantage of coupons in magazines, on the boxes, and within the store. Many have deals such as "spend $35 and get the next lot 1/2 off". It also helps to buy in bulk or request that family and friends help out with diapers throughout the year.


Lastly, it's important to be able to get your preferred brand easily! Nothing sucks more than traveling or moving and having to get diapers only to find that they don't carry your cutsie Honest nappies! While store brands are specific to that store, generally, there are tons of Targets and Walmarts around! But more obscure brands may be more difficult to find for you and for the people who might want to contribute to your registry! You may run out of diapers more quickly than anticipated, or your little one may get sick unexpectedly. Being able to hop down to the store or order from Prime and get what you consider to be the best diapers is a relief. You wanna prevent stressful situations if at all possible!

Hopefully this breakdown helps! If you have a favorite brand that I didn't mention, please share with us in the comments for our follow-up comparison piece! We like to be on the Up & Up...okay, I'll stop. But seriously, Target's dipes are the best diapers for us!