What You Can Expect at Your Mommy and Me Class


A lot. You can expect a lot. Chaos. Utter madness.

What you can expect at your mommy and me class is summed up nicely with one word: pandemonium.

When you are dealing with babies and toddlers, you're lucky to get in a full bathroom break, let alone a full sun salutation. And you know what? That is OK! Mommy and me yoga is not so much about alignment, or doing rounds of your favorite vinyasa.

Instead, when you come to mommy and me (which I'd prefer to call Baby and Me), you are coming to make weird faces at your baby, commiserate about Doc McStuffins marathons with other parents, let your toddler fulfill her wish of being a dragon, and, oh, bond with your kids in a unique way.

You can expect that at some point, you'll need to wipe a butt.  You know that at least once in the 45 minute time-span you'll stop to cure the inevitable starvation that can only be fixed with Goldfish. You might even get to break up a pretty gangster fight.

So while your down dog might be turned into a side-by-side crawl-through tunnel, and your boat may involve rowing an extra ten to thirty pounds, you'll still get your beloved poses in. You may or may not be able to convince your little one that being a tree is pretty freakin' awesome.  He may want to be a dancer instead.  And when it's time for savasana, I can guarantee your kid might be suspect as the lights dim as she thinks, "oh, you might think you're smart ma, but you guys can't trick me into a nap.

After some breathing, stretching, games, music, crafts, and stories, you most likely will be pretty spent (which is the new normal), but you will appreciate the break from the outside as you hold your baby and realize that time is fleeting.

You are introducing the greater concept of yoga to your bab(ies).  You are getting out of the house for a bit of self-care.  But most importantly, you are welcoming the pandemonim.