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Our Specialties


Grow EveryBODY

Our classes are perfect for those wanting to release soreness from chronic stress and tension & for those who need to relax their overstimulated mind. Beginners and those new to yoga are all welcomed with enthusiasm. Jacksonville locals love our gentle approach, non-judgmental atmosphere, and our laughter-infused classes!

Grow Kids
Babies & Children

Start your littles off right! Babies turn into kids who then turn into adults. What if you could guide your child into an adulthood filled with tons of happiness and less stress? We are Jacksonville’s hub for children’s yoga. Watch your child grow into a peaceful and amazing human!

Grow Mom
Prenatal & Postnatal

Grow in mind, body, and heart as you await your baby's arrival. And heal with tenderness and patience after you’ve welcomed your sweet one. We are the experts on everything pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Jacksonville parents and parents-to-be start here!


Come Play

Our space is so cute, you won’t want to leave. You don’t have to either! Bring your little ones to rumpus, play, and tumble during our open play times in a safe and (contained) atmosphere. They burn off excess energy, you get a break. We call that a win/win!



We specialize in creating classes for people who seek connection, relaxation, and gentle approaches to lessening stress and increasing overall feelings of well-being. Our busy lives often negatively impact our relationships and we stagnate in growth. You deserve to water your leaves and sun your spirit. We have a bucket full of classes for you and your family to help you thrive.



Parenthood is too often the loneliest time of our lives and that leaves us feeling guilty and spent. We just “get by” and hope that we’ll find someone else who gets it. When you finally form that connection, it’s magic. You’re alive, your identity is a prism of beautiful layers, and you’re the best parent you can be. Meaningful friendships start here.

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Our biggest moments make our best memories. Worrying about birthdays and baby showers is taxing, and totally unnecessary! Let us host you in our cozy studio so that you can focus on partying, laughing, and creating an experience to remember.


Start Your Journey

Your journey is your own; we are the space holder for how it unfolds. We open our arms and hearts to you as you make amazing discoveries starting on your mat. Breathe…let’s begin.