A winter storm with kids…ahhh. Always fun, especially when you’re so prepared. Not. Florida and Georgia have been hit with Winter Storm Grayson. While our northern neighbors are used to this regular winter weather, we aren’t down here! We still wear our flip flops and shorts in December. We might break out our windbreaker in January. Maybe.

And while the possibility of snow is always exciting, especially for kids, it’s just not likely we’ll get to build snowmen. (Hint: don’t necessarily tell them this, unless you want to crush their little hearts). Nope, we just get to contend with bone-chilling temps.

It ain’t gonna look like this so deal 😉

Rather than being the winter wonderland so many of us want, we have to deal with not having the right kind of clothes or cars or heating systems. And we gotta deal with kids. Kids who have pent up energy and want to play. They let us know every single minute that they need to play outside. You might have heard, “But mom/dad, our bodies need exercise to stay healfy”. So what’s a southern mama or papa to do for the next few weeks?

There are plenty of indoor activities to survive a winter storm with kids. You already know this, but you don’t want to invite paint on your brand new carpet. Nor do you want to go buy a bunch of board games right now. The following are ways to keep your littles engaged and having fun until the supposed snow moves on to Maine.

  • Sensory box. This is great for any age because you can customize what you put in the box. You can use a tupperware container or any clear box. Just fill it with things that are different colors and textures, and voila! Let them explore and encourage them to feel, smell, and look at what they find inside.
  • DIY musical instruments. Get an old oatmeal container, jar, or small container with a lid. Place beans inside or cheap bells, and now you have maracas. You can make a drum too by taping a piece of card stock to the oatmeal container, or you can make a string instrument by placing rubberbands on it. Easy enough and your kids can be noisy for a few hours.
  • Make sock puppets. Get some old socks, wash them, and then grab the hot glue gun, some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and anything else you like. Encourage your kiddo to make a wild monster and then tell you a story about it. Let them get their sillies out this way!
  • Magic ink. Go to Target and get one of those coloring pads that use the clear marker to make any color once it touches the paper. NO mess and cheap!
  • Wii bowling tournament. Wii tournaments are always fun at our house! We keep score and play for hours on end. It may not be educational, but it’s physical and we have such a great time.
  • Yoga. Lastly, watch a YouTube yoga video specific to kids! They tell stories and satisfy your child’s need to move. Better yet, grab a few of your neighborhood buddies or your BFF’s with kids, and have a yoga playdate. Let the teacher come to you and entertain the kids for an hour while you and your friends catch up and drink some java! Basically, no effort. You don’t even have to change outta your yoga pants. WINNING!

Hopefully the above helps you and your babes keep your sanity until this winter storm passes and we can get back to beach weather!

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