Grow Family serves the Greater Jacksonville area, including Fernandina Beach and Kings Bay, GA. We specialize in helping new families grow happy and healthy through yoga, fun classes, relevant education, and practical support because you want pregnancy and parenting to be awesome.

What do we offer?

Our services include:

  • prenatal yoga
  • kid’s yoga
  • baby and me yoga
  • birth and parenting education
  • antepartum and postpartum doula support
  • babysitting and nannying
  • fun kid’s classes

We want to see your family bond and build memories. Further, we want to see you meet your goals during pregnancy and parenting. From pregnancy and beyond, we strive to make your journey as easy as possible!

Our values

We value PERFECTion. While actual perfection is a lofty and somewhat subjective goal, our values do fit into this neat little acronym!

  • P-Professional & Personal.  We promise to always behave professionally, yet retain warmth by being ourselves and attending to your personal needs.
  • E-Equality. We promise to always fight for and uphold equality because it is right and just. Most of all, we care about you.
  • R-Respect. We promise to respect you and your family, therefore, your privacy and choices will be supported.
  • F-Fun. We promise to inject fun into your day rather than bog you down with the mundane.
  • E-Enthusiasm. We promise to arrive at every shift and class with enthusiasm since it’s foundation for fun.
  • C-Compassion. We promise to always provide compassionate care to every family and person so you feel welcome and understood.
  • T-Transparency. We promise to operate with complete transparency and openness because honesty is the best policy.

Our Mission

To help all people grow happy and healthy from seed to sap. Our goal is to uplift, encourage, educate, and support people through the important milestones in life beginning in pregnancy  continuing onto childhood and all the way to parenthood. We’re guiding you as you take your first steps toward bigger things!




Proud Baby and Family Expert!

"I just completed my first series of prenatal yoga in preparation of bringing my first little one into the world this Spring and I can’t wait for the next series to start again! Even though I may have been tired or uncomfortable at times, I looked forward to class every single week. Heather is very experienced, knowledgeable and I can’t recommend her enough!"

"I was set on baby wearing , so she brought a few different types of wraps and demonstrated how to put them on. She also recommended certain wraps for the hot Florida weather , as one of my main concerns was keeping my baby cool while baby wearing." -Ciara

"Heather was wonderful! She provided the advice and support that I needed as a first time mom."-Katie

"I can’t say enough good things bout Heather! She was on time, professional, and my kids enjoyed staying with her."-Josh

Grow Family enthusiastically welcomes ALL persons and families and is committed to creating and fostering a positive community for everyone no matter creed, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, family size, religious preference, etc. We celebrate our diversity and what each person brings into this world.

Come see us!

4070 Herschel St., 6A, Jacksonville, FL, 32210

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(904) 310-4190
Sun-Mon, 8:00AM-7:00PM

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