Prenatal yoga is here, yay! Starting Friday, May 26th, pregnant people will be able to have a place to practice in Camden County, Georgia. I’d call that a win!

So, two questions you may have and two answers you shall receive:

What is prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga is what it sounds like! It is yoga adapted specifically for pregnant people! We practice the asanas (poses) more carefully and with the intention of realizing the changing dynamics of our bodies. We practice breathing techniques that release anxiety and that prepares us for the duration of pregnancy and birth. We meditate and learn to find moments of calm and stillness while remaining content in the present moment so that we can connect to our evolving mindset and to our babies. Pregnancy requires a unique approach to…well, everything!

Why should I go to prenatal yoga?

Because of all the changes associated with pregnancy, many people experience pain, discomfort, stress, and isolation. Prenatal yoga helps us to relax and rejuvenate like other forms of yoga, but it (and particularly, the teacher) recognizes the challenges we endure and the support we need from other expectant persons and from our entire care “team”.  When you go to a prenatal yoga class, you’ll will be respected, heard, and supported in your pregnancy and parenting journey. You’ll be embraced, (literally, if desired!) with open arms! You’ll, hopefully, learn ways to alleviate any discomfort, reduce anxiety, develop self-awareness and compassion, and get prepared for the Big Day emotionally and physically. You might even find your tribe!

Class begins this Friday, May 26th in Kingsland. I hope to see you there.


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