Get ready to grow with us some more! Grow Family is ecstatic to announce that prenatal yoga and kid’s yoga classes are opening in Riverside! Not only will we be in Camden, Georgia and Jacksonville Beach, Florida, but we’ll be in Riverside starting in March. How awesome is it to have another option for prenatal and kid’s yoga in the historic Jacksonville neighborhood?

Prenatal Yoga in Riverside-The Deets

Starting out, we’ll be offering one prenatal yoga class a week and two kid’s yoga classes. We hope to explode so that we can be in Riverside more! The location is just fantastic and the area has so much to offer between 5 points, the Cummer Museum, and the Riverside Arts Market. Who wouldn’t want to stop in for a yoga class, fun for the whole (or half!) family?

This will be Grow’s only morning prenatal yoga class, which is optimal for stay-at-home moms or those who work evenings and can’t make it to the typical evening prenatal yoga class. It’s a perfect class for those expecting and in any week of their pregnancy.  Ortega, Murray Hill, and Riverside residents are encouraged to hike on over every Tuesday morning at 11:30 AM to connect with your baby and get in tune with your changing self as pregnancy progresses.

Kid’s Yoga in Riverside-The Deets

We are opening two kid’s yoga classes in Riverside that meet the needs of various ages.

The first, “Storytime Tot Yoga” is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.  Every Tuesday at 9 AM, we’ll read stories, sing, dance, stretch, and breathe in this kid’s yoga class. Newly walking babes love exploring their world through stories, movement, and song-and this class delivers. It’s a unique kid’s yoga class that’s much needed in Riverside.

The second, “Crafty Kid’s Yoga” is a creative blast of meditative movement and relaxation, perfect for kids from age 4 to 13.  We blend creativity and  yoga for a truly enriching experience. This kid’s yoga class features all the basics, plus a craft or project every Tuesday at 10 AM. Pre-registration is required for this kid’s yoga class.

At a glance

Prenatal yoga

  • When: Tuesdays at 11:30
  • Cost: $15 drop-in rate, $90 for 8 week series
  • Where: 4070 Herschel Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32210

Storytime “Tot” Yoga

  • When: Tuesdays at 9:00
  • Cost: $15 drop-in rate, $90 for 8 week series
  • Where: 4070 Herschel Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32210

Crafty Kid’s Yoga

  • When: Tuesdays at 10:00
  • Cost: $120 for 8 week series
  • Where: 4070 Herschel Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32210

prenatal yoga and kid's yoga in Riverside

To register and confirm your spot, please email us or shop our store directly! Don’t forget to share with your network either! We have some amazing workshops and day camps coming up as spring and summer approach-keep an eye out!

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