Pregnancy support in Jacksonville, FL? Yes! We are here for you before you have your baby too.

Pregnancy can be a beautiful, awe-inspiring time in a person’s life, but it can also be demanding and draining.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally, pregnancy takes a toll. You’re growing another human-that is an amazing feat! Between dealing with your changing body and changing life, it’s nice to have someone to turn to when you have questions and need to hear, “you’re doing great!”. As experts on all things birthy, we are there to listen, help you prepare, and make pregnancy go by a little faster. Especially important for those on bed-rest, our antepartum doula support is your answer to getting through it!

Pregnancy Support-You are on bed-rest and need help at home or in the hospital; you’re feeling scared and ill-prepared. Don’t worry. We got you! Our antepartum support professionals show up at your doorstep ready to hear it all and carry the weight of what it means to be on bed-rest.  We know it takes a toll on you and your partner, and even your friends and family. During this time, we can answer questions, encourage communication between you and your doc, help you keep your house in order, and think of ways to get through this and birth.  Best yet? We are ready and waiting for you on the other side of birth, as your postpartum number 1! If you’re looking for a pregnancy helper in Jacksonville, FL, you have come to the right place!

Beginning at $28/hr

Birth Consults-Are you so busy that even your Google calendar can’t keep up? Well then, hello! We offer one hour virtual consults to get to the nitty gritty and solve whatever issue needs solving. Wanna create a birth wish list? Email us! Have some questions that pregnancy groups just aren’t answering efficiently? Call us! Consults are perfect for those who need a little guidance from trusted professionals.

Beginning at $50/hr

Nursery & Room Concierge-Do you want to know some secrets to the trade, personalized to your lifestyle and home? Our nursery and room concierge service is perfect if you need an outsider’s eye on functionality and accessibility when it comes to your sleeping, diapering, and play area arrangements. Bonus: we’ll launder all the baby clothes and put them away too!


Proud Baby and Family Expert!

"I just completed my first series of prenatal yoga in preparation of bringing my first little one into the world this Spring and I can’t wait for the next series to start again! Even though I may have been tired or uncomfortable at times, I looked forward to class every single week. Heather is very experienced, knowledgeable and I can’t recommend her enough!"

"I was set on baby wearing , so she brought a few different types of wraps and demonstrated how to put them on. She also recommended certain wraps for the hot Florida weather , as one of my main concerns was keeping my baby cool while baby wearing." -Ciara

"Heather was wonderful! She provided the advice and support that I needed as a first time mom."-Katie

"I can’t say enough good things bout Heather! She was on time, professional, and my kids enjoyed staying with her."-Josh

Grow Family enthusiastically welcomes ALL persons and families and is committed to creating and fostering a positive community for everyone no matter creed, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, family size, religious preference, etc. We celebrate our diversity and what each person brings into this world.

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