Mother’s Day is marketed to us moms as a day to get pampered, to receive lavish gifts, and to have a day “off”. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that (I would love a vacation!), I like to remember that the holiday would be moot for me without my kiddos. Thus, it is important to me to create memories with them.

Memory-making doesn’t have to be elaborate or full of stress. There are simple ways to share in the joy and celebration of motherhood. Don’t underestimate the power of being together, experiencing something new, and just talking.

Here are some Mother’s Day Memories to Make!

  • Brunch. A tasty breakfast with all the fixin’s nourishes your body and feels fancy to kids and teens. Spend time talking to each other and telling stories while you sip your OJ and feast on delicious waffles that you didn’t have to prepare or clean. If you have a diva of a kid, now is the perfect time to let them shine in their glitziest wear!
  • Beach. We are so lucky to live in Jax where water activities abound and the beach is accessible. Now, the beach can totally be a source of stress and anxiety with little ones, but a simple beach stroll in the evening cuts that all down! Enjoy the purple and pink sky as you feel the sand beneath your toes while carrying your baby or strolling with your wild one. If you aren’t near a beach, a park is just as awesome! These walks are an excellent time to enjoy our Earth together and soak in each other’s presence.
  • Yoga. A family or mommy and me yoga class is not only fun, it is a bonding experience for you and your child. Learning to relax together, playing games, and acting silly are memories to behold for not only your child, but for you too. Letting your inner kid come out to play is incredibly powerful for your relationship and your health. It definitely is a memory to cherish, even on regular ole days!

Mother’s Day is special for sure, and a day that as mothers, we hold close to our hearts. Here’s to an amazing and full of memories celebration of motherhood!

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