Last minute gifts for babies is on everyone’s minds.  As the Holiday weekend approaches, you want to get just a small gift or two more. We know that our babies and really young kids don’t really know or expect anything, but it’s fun to give them a gift to unwrap! You might have even forgotten about the baby, especially if you have slacked all season! Don’t worry! We won’t tell! The following are our suggestions for meaningful and useful gifts for the baby in your family.

Last minute gifts for babies-some ideas!

  1. Books-It’s never too early to read! Babies love books and they love having you read to them. Bright, high contrast books are great for smaller babies. Board books are made to withstand how babies interact with them, and stories that speak to you will entrance your baby. Our newest favorite books are the scientific series by the author Chris Ferrie.
  2. Stacking and sorting toys-Babies learn by categorizing, measuring, and discovering through play. Stacking nests and sorting boxes allow babies to reason by using their tactile senses. Toys like these discovery boxes develop fine motor skills, observation, and sequencing.
  3. Ball pit-While it may not seem educational, ball pits an immersive sensory experience! They are also help build gross motor skills and balance! Ball pits are a ton of fun and easy to make with a small plastic pool and a bag of plastic balls. In the summer, you already have a pool to fill on sweltering days.
  4. Tree swing-Spending time with your baby is just as important as independent play. Tree swings make engaging with your baby easy and so special. Watch your bub smile and laugh as you enjoy pushing them on a cool day.  Plus, you’ll ensure that you get your daily dose of sunshine.
  5. Musical instruments-Spark your child’s interest in music and rhythm with instruments such as maracas, bongo drums, and xylophones. It may get a bit noisy, but they learn valuable lessons in cause and effect! You can let them bang and shake, but you can also show them patterns and see if they can repeat it.

Shopping for babies isn’t really that difficult and is actually quite enjoyable! Getting last minute gifts for babies should be easier now. Wondering about older kids? Keep on the lookout for tomorrow’s post!

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