Kids yoga builds confidence for so many reasons. Having taught for over five years, I have had the privilege to watch some of my youngest yogi students blossom with confidence, self-worth, and overall personality. But why and how does a yoga practice actually help your child become more confident? It seems like it doesn’t really relate. And I guess that’s true if you think of yoga as just stretching!

Yoga is so much more than moving the body and touching your toes. Yoga is a daily practice of ethics, behavior, and more. When kids find their community, their sangha, they flourish in their practice in living a good life and trying to be a good citizen. They are motivated and ready. So when you understand that yoga is learning about controlling our emotions and behavior, learning about good judgement, and learning about helping others, it makes sense that yoga is a practice, and one that kids really enjoy!

So how does kids yoga build confidence, actually?

  • Kids realize that they are a part of something bigger. This realization is HUGE! They know that what they do matters and that gives them the ability to make choices. Autonomy to make choices, especially ones that are kind, helpful, and compassionate is powerful and the results are reinforcing. One reason why we read books and tell stories in class is to encourage our kids to think about hard lessons! This builds confidence in their thought process and hypotheticals.
  • Kids begin the practice of evaluating their thoughts and behaviors. In yoga, they are taught that their feelings are a-ok, but what we do with those feelings counts. Knowing that they are allowed to feel however they feel is validating, but knowing they have a responsibility to behave appropriately in regards to those feelings helps them learn control and compassion, for themselves and others. They become confident in their handling of tough emotions, especially when they use their yoga skills, like breathing!
  • Kids, especially those with gross motor challenges, feel on top of the world when they master difficult poses such as tree or half-moon. After trying and attempting, finally “getting it” is sweet and such a confidence booster!
  • Kids, who are notorious wiggle-worms gain strength when they can sit still, listen to their friends, and complete a quiet activity in yoga class. They know that they had a hard time and achieved something.

There are so many more ways yoga helps kids become more confident. Just watch them run to you after each class and notice how they stand a little taller!

Ready to try a yoga class for your child? There are ample opportunities. Tuesday evenings we have yoga for 4-8 year olds, Wednesday evenings we have class for the whole family, and Thursday evenings is the time for tweens, ages 9-12!

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