You probably think about the Big Day a lot. Even before it’s remotely close to time, many many people dream about the birth of their babies. Movies portray it. Books are written about it. But the hours, days, months, and years after birth are largely forgotten or mentioned only in passing. Parenting ranges from easy peasy to extremely difficult. Even on the easiest of days, parenting, especially in the early years, is surprising at best and downright exhausting at worst.

Postpartum Wah?

It’s amazing we spend so much time either planning or thinking about the Big Day, but we put so little thought into what happens afterwards. We might daydream about our daughter’s eyes or our future son’s hair, and as individuals we might consider what those first few months will look like, but as a society, we don’t delve into what postpartum days entail. And let me add, I believe the postpartum period definition should be extended by a few years. Three months is like ten minutes when you have a baby/babies/multiple children.

I want to be clear, the postpartum period is different for each birthing person and their family and it’s almost always different each time an individual gives birth. There is no right way to adjust or handle the changing dynamic. It’s unpredictable what each day will feel like, what your plans and reactions will be, and how it’ll all go.

There is something you can do to be prepared and stress-free though. Even more importantly, there exists valuable help for the tired, weary, and elated parent.  It’s one of the best kept secrets that people should know. It’s called professional support.

“WHAT?” You might be thinking, “this is easy!”, “I don’t have postpartum depression!”, or “why do I need support? I am prepared.”

So What to Do?

A professional postpartum support specialist, also known as a postpartum doula, or new family support person is there to making your day even better or save it altogether, depending on the day, of course. She (or he) is like a fairy godmother for those fortunate to call themselves mom and dad.

The range of what we do is wide and personalized to your unique situation, but in general, a postpartum doula offers educational/informational, physical, and emotional (the most important and subtle, in my opinion) support.

They’re with you when you realize that it doesn’t end with the Big Day. They are your shoulder to lean on, your extra set of hands around the house, the baby whisperer so you can shower, and the expert on all things related to birth, postpartum, newborns, and parenting.

You do not need a postpartum doula, but you’ll notice it’s hard to let her/him walk out the door when their shift has ended!  He/she just has the magic touch and always seems to say the perfect thing that gives you strenght and confidence.  Her perspective and her ability to support you unconditionally makes your days easier so you can enjoy parenthood.  This professional is quite possibly one of the best investments people in their childbearing years can make.

If you have questions about new parenthood or postpartum support and how you can benefit, please contact us.

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