Summer is upon us which means you’ll be looking for ways to get your kids to chill…and I am not talking about their dipping in the clear blue water of the ice-cold pool. With school out, your ears will probably get sick of hearing, “I’m booorrrreeddd”. You already have a Pinterest plan of activities, have signed them up for summer camp, and have playdates scheduled. But you know that they’re still gonna run around like truffle hogs in search of their prize.

So how to get your kids to chill?

It’s unrealistic to be your child’s constant spectator, chef, maid, and DJ.  There’s no way you could possibly cram more into your schedule. You just want them to be able to chill out when they feel rambunctious. Unfortunately, a giant hamster wheel is not an option and honestly, you know they need to master this skill for like, life. It’s not just the summer.

Believe it or not, kids can learn ways to chill. They are not difficult, but they take practice!

1. Breathe! Perhaps the most important. Teaching your child to breathe when they feel excited, stressed, sad, angry, happy, etc. is so critical to their being able to manage those emotions without going super saiyan (maybe you get that reference, maybe you don’t-you can always ask). There are numerous ways to teach them this skill. Start with tools like bubbles and pinwheels. As they level up, practice by counting.

2. Meditate. This one, as esoteric as it seems, is really helpful. It helps kids focus their thoughts and filter them. One reason children flit around like bees on hopped-up honey is because their bodies are reflecting their minds. Sometimes, that 90 to nothing activity is a manifestation of what is happening in their brain. Being able to narrow that stream on ongoing chatter is huge in getting kids to chill.

3. Move. Let kids get their wiggles out. Put on some dance music and let them shake it out. Just shake until they can’t anymore. Plus, this song is such a hoot, you’ll be dancing too! Sometimes, our bodies are just begging us to release some energy.


Remember, you can help your kids be as chill as Snoop Dog *insert another super chill celebrity if he offends sensibilities-I’m out of the loop*. Over the course of the summer, we’ll explore more specific ways to breathe, meditate, and chill out.

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