Dads are awesome! But they are frequently locked into unfortunate stereotypes. Or worse, they are forgotten. It’s a shame really, because strict rules of behavior only reinforce gender roles that hurt. If the media portrays dads, they are either bumbling fools or absent creators. They are not fairly represented much of the time.

Dads have goals and needs too. They share their love with their children, their partners, and their families. But why does the public see a babysitter? A clueless person? Or nobody at all. Only on Father’s Day do we seem to come to our collective senses and recognize how special dads are. The next day? Back to square one.

Dads are not babysitters

Believe it or not, just as many fathers as mothers enjoy raising their kids. They want to be involved and take them to the park, on playdates, to the store. They aren’t on “diaper duty”. They are parenting. Not babysitting. Some fathers, gasp, even stay home to raise their kids!

Dads are not bumbling fools

Dads know what they are doing, and if they don’t, it isn’t because they identify as a man. It’s because we’ve, as a society, told them that they can’t possibly know how to care for, nurture, or comfort a child. It’s simply not true, and it makes parenting harder for everyone when men and boys believe this lie.

Dads are not in the shadows

Dads are active in the rearing of their children. Some work outside the home. Some don’t. Some have a wife, some have a husband, and some are single! Some dads cook all the meals and some cook none. Some dads know who Jo-Jo is and some don’t (no grudges there). The point? Dads are there, even if they aren’t shown. And yea, some dads aren’t there, but it has ilk to do with their being a man.

So, on this Father’s Day, let’s rethink dad and make sure they aren’t forgotten.

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