You can’t plan for birth. Birth methods do a major disservice. That may seem brash, but it’s true. From a pedagogical standpoint, birth methods really fall short. From a birthing person perspective, they fail people over and over again. But why? Many people are in love with seemingly hypnotizing themselves or being instructed by supposed birth warriors.  How can specific methods fall short?

Methods are “One-way”

Birth methods, such as Hypnobirthing or Bradley Method, lack flexibility. They make huge “not-promises, almost-promises” and can’t deliver. No pun intended. They lay out a plan, that if followed accordingly, lead people to believe that so long as you stay on the yellow brick road, you’ll find Oz. But here’s the thing. Birth can’t be planned. Ever. Birth is about probability. Luck, circumstance, feck-time of day, is hugely responsible for how birth goes. So not only do these methods ignore this reality, they create undue fear and sense of responsibility onto birthing people. They essentially say “hey, here is THE path and the one true way”. More importantly, the outcome that these methods tell people is optimal, is dogmatic and incredibly catalystic to Birth Olympic culture. Unmedicated, vaginal births are amazing for people who want them and who have luck on their side.

Birth can’t be planned-then why even take a class?

You can’t plan for birth, but one can prepare for it. What good is that preparation if it only teaches you a singular thing, or is limited? If you plan for all types of birth, if you are open to learning the multitude of ways birth unfolds, and how to cope with that, then you walk away feeling empowered no matter how it goes. Maybe you do seek a more intervention-free birth. That is great! A good curriculum ensures that you have the tools to achieve comfort and know the stages and phases of labor. Maybe you are enthusiastic about epidurals. That is great! An inclusive birth class is going to give you accurate information about them and reassure your confidence in choosing one. Maybe you are having a cesarean. That is great! A complete birth prep class is going to lay it all out on the table. You’ll know what to expect and how to enjoy the experience.

What should I look for in a birth class?

There are few things you should look for in a birth class.  It should be scientifically accurate. That means information may be updated periodically-that’s ok! That’s how science works! It should cover the biological process of all types of birth and postpartum!

It should provide different ways of coping with fear, tension, and pain. A great class should teach various ways to make decisions based in effective communication and open dialogue.  The curriculum might be based on a specific discipline, or else be inspired by one, but it shouldn’t omit the full range of what birth entails, and it should never have one goal in mind for its students. A course that bills “itself” as complete should most certainly hold these qualities.

How is Grow’s curriculum different?

  • Our classes are built on solid pedagogical foundation, having the input from professionals in the medical and education field.
  • We cover every, single process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum in fun and engaging ways that are only backed by credible research.
  • We teach additional skills, such as mindfulness and breath awareness for more effective decision-making and communication.
  • We help prepare the birth squad in practical ways so that they can support you in birth and beyond in ways that are authentic to you and your goals.
  • Our classes are for the modern parent who seek to understand and prepare for this transition through unbiased education.
  • Lastly, our classes validate that every birthing person will have a different experience and different luck of the draw, and as such, parents walk away empowered in what they learn and the choices they make throughout parenthood.

Grow Birth and Baby is an exceptional curriculum of which I am proud to have worked on and authored for the better part of three years. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us or better yet, register for one of the classes available!


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