Your belly is growing which you might be surprised at how happy that makes you feel. But now, your clothes! Nothing fits just right, or the material is itchy, or you just don’t feel comfortable. While the stuff at Motherhood Maternity is adorable, the price tag is just a little more than what you feel is reasonable for such a limited time of wear. It may seem like there aren’t many options for maternity clothes, but there are if you think a little outside the (maternity store) box!

Here are the best places to shop for maternity clothes (in my opinion):

Yes, the maternity section is small, but it is totally budget-friendly. You can usually find at least one pair of denim that fits well and a few plain shirts. More importantly, their selection of leggings and loose knit sweaters perfect for layering is the bomb! They also have stretchy dresses that will fit well even if they don’t say maternity.

TJ Maxx

Similarly, TJ Maxx has slimmer pickings, but what they do have is often designer wear! I have found Marc Jacobs and other high-end maternity apparel there for a steep discount. TJ Maxx also wins because of their work wear section as many of the slacks can be adjusted and worn as maternity. I also love this store for their huge selection of comfy and cute sneakers which becomes crucial during pregnancy.


A perennial favorite! Grab your Starbucks and peruse the racks. They have good quality denim, great nursing bras, and fantastic blouses. You can get great fitting jeans at Target too. I also love Target for their Knox Rose brand which isn’t maternity technically, but the soft, flowy shirts work well during and after pregnancy.


Amazon Wardrobe is a great option for Prime members. You get to try the clothes on and keep what you like while returning what you don’t. Amazon has great staples and solid shirts that are soft and really will end up comprising most of your closet anyway. They also have gorgeous dresses-many for less than $30!


Lastly, Burlington Coat Factory is more than a coat store! They have some of the best maternity jeans in my opinion, but you have to keep an eye out. Depending on location, some Burlington’s have a rather large maternity selection and it usually has the staples and solids as well as cute tops, pants, and dresses.


Of course, there are other ways to score some great clothes for pregnancy, keep your eyes peeled for more budget-friendly ideas!

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