Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas Eve eve, and I want to thank all of our clients and students for a wonderful year. 2019 is almost upon us (finally!) As we are about to make another revolution around our solar friend, I want to give my words of appreciation. You make Grow Family the amazing community it is. I hope your holidays are filled with dear friends, beloved family, yummy food, and wonderful memories.

The next few days might seem stressful, but I encourage you to do what gives you joy and leave the rest. If homemade baking fills the kitchen with laughter and fun, do it! If it leaves you feeling exhausted, buy some of the pre-made ones from the grocery store with the little snowmen in the center! Don’t fret if the underside of the tree isn’t as abundant with gift-wrapped goodies. I promise kids love snuggling up on the couch watching Christmas movies and playing board games with you more. They remember those experiences clearly when they often forget that toy they got that one Christmas.

And I know all of this is easier said than done. It’s one thing to know this logically, but another to hear the incessant “I need to do this for it to be perfect” year after year. Whether the voice is internal or all throughout society, it’s difficult to shed those expectations for fear of the imperfect Christmas. As I sit here writing this, and knowing that we are more minimalist anyways, part of me feels like a fraud and hypocrite. Oh well, we’re in this together. Really!

So, take joy in the next week, flowing with whatever life gives you. Breathe in the cinnamon-soaked days and the warmth of love lulling out of your loved ones.

Lastly, I would love to offer a gift to you! Enjoy $25 off any birthday party (can be any time in 2019) or group childbirth class. Use code GIFT25. Offer expires January 31. Merry Christmas!




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