Bedtime. Sometimes the most cherished time of day-sometimes the most stressful. You know going into it is gonna be filled with protests to rival those in DC, children thirstier than a camel in the desert, and all around “blah”.

After all the excitement, it might be hard for your littles to actually go to sleep. What was it all for?????

I originally wrote this script for my Facebook group, but got such a great response, that I wanted to share here!


The Guide-Starry Bedtime Meditation

“Lie down on your back with your belly and face looking up towards the light. Notice how bright it is. Remember that the light guides you and tonight, it will be your personal guide back to your starry garden.” Turn off the light, and sit next to your little one. It’s time to go to our secret garden, but let’s get ready first. Circle your hands and then squeeze your fingers really tight. Now, let them become soft. Let’s do that with our feet and legs. Circle your ankles and make your legs really strong. Now, let them drop to your bed. Stick out your tongue. Make a kissy face. Blow up your cheeks like a puffer fish. Let your face be soft and happy now. Imagine the light, and then blow up your belly really big to breathe in all that light. Let the warmth and brilliance fill your belly. Breathe out and share that light everywhere. With me, with your stuffed animals/legos/etc., and then with all the atoms in the room. Let’s do that again. Breathe in as much light as you can, make your belly full. Now, share it back with the world. Now, we’re ready to go to our starry garden. Imagine your bed lifts high into the air, out of the house, and into the night sky, lit up by the bright light of the stars. Notice the twinkle from each star and realize that you and the star are made of the same light! Keep passing the stars until you get to your starry garden. Before you land, take a look. What do you see? A pond reflecting the moonlight? A nebula? Trains? Maybe an owl? Your heart is filled with happiness and joy as you lower to the ground and into your special place. Step into your magical garden and look around. I am going to be quiet now so you can enjoy your secret garden.

Remain quiet for 2-5 minutes. It’s time to come back from your starry garden. Take one last look around. Let your bed lift back into the night sky and be among the stars once more. Breathe in all the light they are sharing with you, and then softly land back in your bed. Keep these feelings of love and light in your heart and dreams. Good night. I love you.” Give snuggles!

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