Many people think that private yoga instruction is for the extremely wealthy or for Hollywood A-listers, but that isn’t necessarily true. When thoughtfully considered, the investment seems like less of a bank-breaker and more of a necessary component in self-care. Perhaps most importantly, the benefits of private yoga sessions are vast and incredibly personal!

1.) Convenience

One of the most common reasons people look for private yoga classes is due to chaotic work schedules and lack of free time.  Going to the gym or studio requires availability that many don’t have because life gets busy. On top of that, in areas like Jacksonville, Chicago, or Seattle, commutes can be horrific.  When you’re sitting in traffic for hours on end, or else driving long distances, having someone come to your space is a welcome thing! The convenience is among one of the benefits of private yoga classes. Maybe it’s even enough reason to hire your favorite teacher to help you in your practice!

2.) Customization

Another important factor to consider, and something that is unique to in-home yoga lessons, is customization.  This means that your class is always tailored to your individual needs, goals, abilities, limitations, and interests. Since most of us want to increase health and lower stress, it is important that we feel comfortable in our practice. In addition, we reap huge benefits when each pose and each breath works for our unique circumstances and when we understand clearly what we are doing and why. Not having to look around a room is plus!

3.) Interactive

Because of this personal approach, you develop a meaningful, professional relationship with your teacher.  Your teacher is invested in your well-being and how you feel about your practice. They want to ensure that you are not only enjoying yoga, but that you are meeting your goals.  To do this, private classes allow you to ask questions, make suggestions, and move at a more manageable pace.  The support you receive and the communication you have with your teacher is unforgettable encouragement that keeps your practice refreshing and rejuvenating.

Private yoga classes are an amazing treat to give yourself or someone else as part of a self-care routine!

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