You’re home! Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine, but it should be as close as possible. Grow Family is all about brightening your day by helping you and your family grow to your fullest potential. From seed to sap, we make growing up fun, meaningful, and hopefully, easier! It takes something special  to encourage relaxation, bonding, and adventure in our families. We believe that you’ve come to the right place since you’re looking for the rainbow. Our services are a winning way to put a smile on your face and bring you a sense of calm.

Community. Support. Education. Fun. That’s what we are about. Everything we do-our whole purpose-is built on the belief that life should be easier and filled with more happiness and less stress, especially for expanding families. Our services revolve around accomplishing this mission by providing versatile offerings that uplift new parents and growing kids!

So then, what can you find here? We offer various yoga, fitness, and even Tinkergarten classes for kid’s (and their adults!) in the Greater Jacksonville and Kings Bay area.  From childbirth prep to parenting classes, we know that education needs to be relevant and always engaging.  Because fun is at the foundation of our mission, we love to throw the best yoga birthday parties and events! Since we strive to help you grow, we create practices just for you with private yoga sessions! Lastly, new and expectant parents can get relief with practical, day-to-day doula support while families can feel confident knowing that we seek to encourage you as you blossom. You can find us at gyms, schools, Jacksonville hot spots, and even your home!

When you’re firmly rooted, you can grow!


Classes for the masses! We are, therefore we grow!

From kid’s yoga to educational enrichment to childbirth preparation, we have a plethora of offerings. We’ll help you and your little ones relax, stay healthy, get informed, and grow confident and happy.

The tiniest seedlings, the rowdiest sprouts, and even the wizened saps want to grow to their full potential.  You can do this while learning, having fun, and building strong bonds. We have to water our bodies and brains from childhood to old age. Our classes strengthen relationships and encourage you to develop useful skills such as in parenting!

We hold classes in gyms, studios, parks, and even in your own home all around the greater Jacksonville and Kings Bay area, including Yulee and Fernandina Beach.

Finally, for specific information, peruse the site, check the schedule, or contact us to book a session at your convenience!


Doula Support

Because pregnancy, birth, and parenting can be demanding, everyone could use a little extra help! This is especially true during the first few years! Our antepartum and postpartum doula services  bridge the gap between utter exhaustion and productivity. We provide practical assistance, emotional support, and information. We want to make your day a little easier, so we help you make plans and goals. Mainly, we help you meet them! Oh, and you get sleep and a new BFF! We are your go-to source for help after baby including getting sleep after birth!



Contact us now! We’d love to hear from you anytime! Call us at (904) 310-4190 or email us at hello@growhappyfamily.com . Or send us a message on our Facebook!